A compact, robust and efficient machine. Its cutting mechanism equipped with rotating knives cuts the disc and the separating plastic sheet simultaneously, giving as a result perfectly round discs. Once cut, these are neatly stacked on a tray, in programmable quantities.

The machine automatically separates the remaining plastic sheet and scrap dough. It has an entrance gauge roll-sheeting mechanism that regulates the final thickness of the discs and the dough flow with precision, always ensuring a uniform and flawless product. Thanks to its easily-interchangeable cutting heads, it is possible to cut any disc size, ranging from 80 mm to 320 mm.

It offers the greatest actual output at the lowest cost in the market.

The machine is an entirely electromechanical unit and it just needs to be connected to socket to operate. It does not include any PLC, software or touch screens, making it easier to operate (no skilled labor required).



3 models, according to volume of production:
MCD: 600 dozens/hour
MCD-AP: 1.200 dozens/hour
MCD-E: 1800 dozens/hour

  • It is compatible with our MSE-620 dough reeling-feeding machine, automatic flour dusters and continuous sheeting lines of any brand.
  • The moving parts are mounted on self-lubricated shielded bearings.
  • It is equipped with maintenance-free Italian STM geared motors with ground worm and ring gear.
  • Security system for the operator and emergency stop push button.
  • One-year guarantee and after-sales service. Stock of spare parts.
  • White epoxy or stainless steel finish, at the client's choice.


  • Height: 1,460 mm.
  • Width: 1,250 mm.
  • Long: 2,300 mm.
  • Weight: 350 kgs. (aprox.)