LAM 600


At the request of our customers, with the need to acquire the entire line of computers directly with our company, we made heavy sobadora sheeter LAM 600.

Its design was intended as everything done in Tecnoalim, thinking about the robustness and efficiency that a team of this nature requires. With a weight of more than 900Kgs, it is clearly that a machine is completed with one of the major requirements for the strength you need a laminator.

Its steel rollers MACIZO guarantee optimum performance and extreme force for any mass, such as caps pies, ravioli and mainly noodles, which is the type of product that requires these machines within the preparation of pasta.

Both his gears as reduction, are mounted on boxes sealed with synthetic oil bath.

Their axes mounted on bronze bushings top quality, make this type of machine that will endure over time, unlike shafts mounted on bearings (totally weak and insecure maximum forces generated capacity).

It has a working width of 600mm, which allows adapt their production to any type of machine you have in the market, especially everything related to the machines for pasta in general.



  • Working width 600mm.
  • Mounted on SAE 65 bronze bushings.
  • Safety pedal (conventional).
  • Solid steel rollers SAE 4140.
  • Power 5,5HP.
  • Production 150kg / hour.


  • Height: 1.550mm
  • Width: 1.150mm
  • Long: 1.300mm
  • Weight: 900kgs