We developed this machine thinking of an innovative adaptation for the MCD disc cutting machines. It offers a different work methodology as it replaces the uncomfortable method of piling up long dough sheets by folding them in a “bellows” style. These piles are difficult and heavy for carrying around and are usually damaged due to sticking, squashing, cracking and drying out.

Once the dough sheeting process has finished, our automatic dough reeling machine connects with the exit of the sheeting machine and automatically reels the dough sheet in forming a neat and perfect roll without any foldings or wrinkles. The dough sheet rests over a band that adapts to its curvature, making it possible to reel in sheets twice the length and weight of the regular ones (60 kg). Then, the dough is carried effortlessly to the MCD cutting machine. The reeling machine feeds the cutting equipment with dough in an automatic and coordinated way, according to the cutting machine speed rate.

This continuous process replaces the operator, who usually feeds the MCD cutting equipment. Thanks to this piece of equipment, the cutting machine is fed in a centered way, preventing wrinkles in the dough, improving the effectiveness of the gauge roll and avoiding interruptions to put the sheets back in place.



  • Capacity for up to 60 kg of dough.
  • Manual and automatic modes.
  • White epoxy finish.


  • Height: 950 mm.
  • Width: 1,100 mm.
  • Long: 860 mm.
  • Weight: 50 kgs. (aprox.)