The EDV-350 model speeds-up the production time thanks to the automatic dough cutting and empanada sealing processes. These two can be customized, as the machine offers different size and repulgue (crimping of the edges of the empanada dough) options.

The EDV-350 is equipped with a precise gauge roll-sheeting mechanism that gives the dough the exact thickness needed, giving as a result a uniform product. It complies with all the national and international health and security standards.

The empanada filling is placed by hand on the dough discs, making it possible to use any kind of filling without losing its handmade quality and preventing it from turning into a "creamy mixture".

Our empanada maker is an entirely electromechanical unit and it just needs to be connected to a three-phase socket to operate. The machine does not include any PLC, software or pneumatic or hydraulic components, which depend on expensive maintenance and constant technical support.

Thanks to its simplicity, it does not require skilled labor to be operated, fulfilling its main aim of saving on human resources.



  • Production: 1,200 – 1,500 empanadas/hour
  • The moving parts are mounted on self-lubricated shielded bearings.
  • It is equipped with maintenance-free Italian STM geared motors with ground worm and ring gear, lubricated for life with synthetic oil.
  • Security system for the operator with emergency stop push button.
  • One-year guarantee and permanent after-sales service.
  • Stock of spare parts and components.
  • White epoxy and stainless steel finish, at the client's choice.


  • Height: 1,300 mm.
  • Width: 650 mm.
  • Long: 2,240 mm.
  • Weight: 200 kgs. (aprox.)