The ESA-350 packing machine was designed to be simple, robust and easily-operated, as all of our pieces of equipment. It is ideal for packing products of different sizes, ranging from 80 mm to 350 mm, such as empanada discs, pie crusts, pizza dough discs, pre-baked pizza dough discs, trays containing different bulk products, milanesas (breaded steaks), meat patties, alfajores (sandwich cookies), wallets and several other products. This packaging makes each of these goods have a high visual impact, indispensable for any kind of business.

We have designed this machine surpassing any other available alternative in the market, with the aim of producing high-quality machines rather than equipment with excessive and unnecessary technology. It can pack up to 1,800 units (300 mm wide approx.) per hour and more than 2,100 units (120 mm wide approx.) per hour.

As in the case of the ESA 150, the speed of the ESA 350 is adjusted with electronic speed controllers, making it the fastest machine in the segment, depending on the behavior of each product. It is equipped with a first-class centering device for printing by means of electronic photocells for stamping manufacture and expiration dates, lot numbers, etc. and it is an entirely electromechanical unit. Its heads can be easily and quickly interchanged to adapt to the different product sizes.

Its most outstanding characteristic is that all its geared motors are connected directly to the shafts, thus avoiding the use of chains, lubricants, pinions, etc., and, above all, avoiding expensive maintenance, which takes so much time for other kinds of mechanisms.



  • The moving parts are mounted on self-lubricated shielded bearings.
  • It is equipped with maintenance-free STM geared motors with ground worm and ring gear.
  • Security system for the operator and emergency stop push button.
  • One-year guarantee and after-sales service. Stock of spare parts.
  • Stainless steel finish.


  • Height: 3,200 mm.
  • Width: 1,900 mm.
  • Long: 1,000 mm.
  • Weight: 600 kgs. (aprox.)

Maximum product sizes

  • A Maximum width (A) 320 mm.
  • B Maximum height (B) 50 mm. or defined by client
  • C Maximum length (C) unlimited